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The Student Services Team helps students develop their academic, social and emotional skills needed to succeed, personally and professionally.  Students come to school with a wide range of problems and challenges.  The Student Services Team works in collaboration with parents, teachers, principals, medical professionals, and social workers to identify and address ways to help ensure student success at school and beyond.

Please note we will be using the Student Services Google Classroom for all updated information.  Class Code:  c3sq6uh  Remember to find Student Services Google Classroom you must go through your cloud account.


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School Counsellors  

Jennifer GillanBA, BEd, M.ED, CCC 

Tammi Jo Auld, BSC, BEd, M.ED, CCC

Youth Worker -Mike Birt 

Admin.  Assistant - Elizabeth Orr Hours of work - 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Grade 12 Post-Secondary Presentations can be found on our Student Services Google Classroom.  Class Code is:  c3sq6uh.  Reminder students must be in their cloud account in order to access the Student Services Google Classroom.

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