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How to Register for the Community Service Bursary

If you are an Island student in grade 10, 11 or 12 and planning to attend any post-secondary institution, you may receive a community service bursary in recognition of your volunteer work.

You can accumulate volunteer hours from the completion of Grade 9 until June 30th of your Grade 12 year.

You may place your bursary on hold for one academic year.

The maximum value of the bursary is $750.00, calculated at a rate of $5.00 per volunteer hour.  You are required to volunteer a minimum 30 hours, up to a maximum 150 hours.  You will be issued a T4A slip for this bursary.

If after reading over this process and you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the Department of Workforce and Advanced Learning at (902) 368-4640.

Please check

  • Check to see if the organization you are volunteering for has been  approved.  List Registered Organizations. . -

Step 1

Complete the Students Online Application  -

Step 2

Upon completion of your hours, organizations may complete the online volunteer hours form - Volunteer Form


Step 3

If you are in Grade 12 and you have completed the hours, you must submit online  a Student Post-secondary Information Form to the Department of Workforce and Advanced Learning by June of your graduating year. Student Information Form.   -




Opportunities to Volunteer


Central Region Sport and Recreation Council

Volunteers needed for Central Region Sports and Recreation’s upcoming go!Play programming at Englewood Elementary School and Gulf Shore Consolidated.

  • Gulf Shore’s program starts Wednesday January 23rd and will run from 4pm-5pm.
  • Englewood’s program starts on Friday, January 29th and will run from 3pm-4pm.

Llooking for highschool volunteers to help oversee and run the programs each week. Since 2013, go!Play has a history of providing after school programs in rural elementary schools across Prince Edward Island in partnership with the Western, Central and Eastern Regional Sport and Recreation Councils. It is designed to give children more opportunities to be physically active during the time slot directly after school. The program is delivered free of charge, for children in k-6 or k-8 schools.

go!Play hosts students in the time slot directly after school. The program is approx. 1 hr and provides children from Kindergarten to Grade 6 with an opportunity for free play and organized recreational activities.

Additionally, we do have some funding for a payed position if any high school staff, specifically EA’s, would be interested in being the leader for the program.

Any questions, contact:  Molly Johnson, Executive Director of Central Region Sport and Recreation Council

Office: 902-836-3707, Cell: 902-598-6661,

Opportunities to Volunteer on Prince Edward Island, posted by the Employment Journal.

Click on this link to find out where you can do some volunteer hours!


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