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School Counsellors, are here to assist all students towards finding their careers. Here are some helpful websites:

January Issue: The Future Code "Future of Oceans" Showcases Canada's Ocean Supercluster:  plus Opportunities in  and Scholarships and Bursaries in the fishing industry as well as job opportunities. 

  • On PEI, the ocean offers opportunities for many jobs in Bioscience,  Aquaculture and Fisheries  I 
  • Many fishery food processing plants begin hiring in April or May, however aquaculture food processing plants offer year-round full-time work and benefits. A list of contact information for employers in fisheries and aquaculture can be found here.
  • For High School students, a summer job in fisheries can be an investment for their academic future. Team Seafood and Farm Team PEI previously offered programs designed to promote student employment in the farming and seafood processing sectors, and as more bursaries and awards are announced for this year, they will be added to The Employment Journey's Bursaries, Scholarships and Awards page.

On The Employment Journey website, you can find a list of all 38 industries, in alphabetic order and easy to navigate. By clicking on one of the industries, you will find information on various companies in that industry on PEI, information on employment opportunities, and a list of all the different positions in that field. There is also information on what post-secondary options there are to develop a career in that industry. 

October Issue  - Employment Journal -

Careers in Construction - Commercial & Residential 

  • Residential Link -
  • Commercial Link -


  • Careers in Agriculture -
  • Did you know it takes more than 35 different occupations in Agriculture to produce the supplies and ability to deliver up a pepperoni pizza?
  • To inform us of the different farms we have on PEI, this summer the PEI Agriculture Awareness Committee put together the following informational video tours:  

Careers in Bioscience

PEI Resources & Services for Job Seekers & Employers

Annual update to help job seekers find work and e

Employers find the right staff.

PEI Sector Councils address human resource issues and helps connect job seekers with employers.


The following organizations have programs and/or services to help job seekers and resources for employers.


    1. go to “/pei” part is essential for this to work).
    2. In the blue “New User” box choose your high school from the drop down menu (in this case Bluefield).
    3. On the next screen, choose the current grade from the drop down menu and click on “Next Step”.
    4. On the next screen, enter your first and last name and date of birth in the appropriate fields and click “next step”. (If students get an error at this point, have them click on “skip this step”, otherwise they should continue to the next screen automatically.
    5. On the next step, students enter their email address (one they can check, preferably their school email address), password, first and last name, birth date and preferred language. Once done, click “create account”. This should provide access to all features of myblueprint.



I am attaching the link for the video for 20-21 student loans. Sorry for the delay, it has taken sometime to work through the 20-21 federal changes along with decisions the province has made to support students for 20/21. The major changes for 20/21 include doubling federal grants for eligible students and removing student and spouse contributions both federally and provincially for 20/21. While parental contributions remains, for parents who have experienced reduced employment and wages in 2020, they can if required complete the Estimate of Parental Income Form (found in the appeal section of our website), this may reduce their parental contributions in student aid assessments.
The video is approx five minutes long, and it is at a high level. We encourage both students and parents to contact our office if they have questions and concerns. The online application became available June 1st at, please let students and parents know of this video and that the 20/21 loan application is available.

BarryAlso  please note, here is the link to the other video that he sent to us previously that discuss grants managed through the student loans office.


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