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Career Assistance

School Counsellors, are here to assist all students towards finding their careers. Here are some helpful websites:

  • Transitioning from High School to University/College.  Transitions is the first evidence-based publication of its kind. It’s designed to help you be successful on campus, focusing on time management, relationships, identity, finances, sexual activity, mental illness, suicide, addictions, and more. It also includes tips and strategies for helping yourself through challenging times and recommendations of where you can go to get additional help, if you need it.
  • Red Seal Program
  • Employment Journey 


    1. go to “/pei” part is essential for this to work).
    2. In the blue “New User” box choose your high school from the drop down menu (in this case Bluefield).
    3. On the next screen, choose the current grade from the drop down menu and click on “Next Step”.
    4. On the next screen, enter your first and last name and date of birth in the appropriate fields and click “next step”. (If students get an error at this point, have them click on “skip this step”, otherwise they should continue to the next screen automatically.
    5. On the next step, students enter their email address (one they can check, preferably their school email address), password, first and last name, birth date and preferred language. Once done, click “create account”. This should provide access to all features of myblueprint.


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