Destination Imagination

        Welcome back to Bluefield’s Destination Imagination team who recently represented PEI at the Global Finals, an international competition, in Kansas City, Missouri!  Way to go Bobcats! Team members included:  Dayley Wood, Jenna O’Neill, Grace MacFadyen, Caitlin Higginbotham, Renee Arsenault, Bethany Pineau

Drone’s eye view of Bluefield

CSLC 2018

Student council bobcats sightseeing on the Athabasca glacier near Jasper on the way to the Canadian Student Leadership Convention in Edmonton!

Biology Lab

Bluefield students working on a recent bio lab on DNA Extraction

Bluefield’s Career day 2019


Students are required to sign up for 5 different sessions by October 2, 2019

Burger Love!

Students in FDS421 preparing burgers for Bluefield’s own Burger Love creations!



Students welding

Bluefield Band

Watch this space for dates of upcoming performances!


Bluefield Builds…

Bluefield carpentry students are busy this year building cabins for camp Seggie!
Watch this space for updates.

Fantastic work bobcats!

Welcome to Bluefield High School - Home of the Bobcats

As students and staff prepare for a new school year, I extend a sincere welcome to new and returning students and all parents and guardians.

In an increasingly competitive world, a good high school education is essential. Achieving this requires careful planning and a commitment to regular attendance and hard work. Parents and guardians are encouraged to work with the staff at Bluefield to ensure that students make this commitment.  Student involvement in the many activities offered at Bluefield helps students feel part of the school community, offers new opportunities, reflects positively in future endeavours and leads to overall better success in their academics.  Parents and guardians can play a large part in this by encouraging their students to become involved.

Parent involvement improves student achievement, promotes positive attitudes toward school and motivates students to succeed. Through our new website, we hope to improve communication between our school and home, and share the many successes of Bluefield's students.

Successful schools are communities: communities of learners, teachers and parents. We ask for the guidance and support of parents/guardians and the commitment of our students to continue to make Bluefield a great place to learn, work and visit. This partnership will ensure that a successful and rewarding environment exists at Bluefield for the youth of our community.

Stephen Wenn

Go Bobcats!

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Congratulations to all award recipients and to everyone that performed and exhibited work to make the Coffee House such a success! Also great to see some returning bobcats and a special shout-our to our 2019 Artist Of The Year Beth Kirby!
GoBobcatsGo photo
Mark Lamey @mvlamey
Talent, talent and more talent at #bluefieldHS Art Cafe. Some very creative works @GoBobcatsGo #edupei #educationpei
5 months ago
Congratulations to the 23 Bobcats receiving their Silver Duke of Edinburgh award tonight at Holland College! @dukeofedpei GoBobcatsGo photo
8 months ago
Congratulations to all students that competed in the PEI math league this weekend. Fantastic effort! @GoBobcatsGo #educationpei
9 months ago
New post: All PSB Classes Cancelled for Monday, January 21

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year!

Welcome back to all of our returning bobcats, and a huge welcome to all of our new bobcats - the class of 2021! We hope you all had a great summer and are looking forward to the new school year at Bluefield!

Go Bobcats!

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

October 16, 2019


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Day 2


Specials in the cafeteria Sub, Sandwich or Salad Bar or Lg Pizza Slice – $5.75


Bluefield is looking to start a Math Club. There will be a meeting at lunch time today at 12:00 in Mrs. Coughlin’s room, Room 111 for any students who would like to join the Bluefield Math Club or if you want to receive more information about the Math Club. The math club will be lead primarily by students. It is an opportunity for students to work on challenging problems together, share your favorite math tricks with one another, and practice sample tests for the math competitions held through the year. If you are unable to attend Wednesday’s meeting but would like more information, please see Mrs. Coughlin.


There will be another presentation on the Grade 12 Post Secondary process for all grade 12 students who missed the previous presentations by the School Counsellors. Student are asked to sign up in Student Services. It will be held on Thursday, Oct 17 at 9:00 am. in the reading room of the library. This will be the last presentation available to students.


The grade 12 students who applied for the Loran Award are asked to go to Student Services today (Wed) at 10:25.


There will be a yearbook committee meeting today in room 131 (Industrial Arts area) at 12 noon. If you are interested in helping to put together the 2020 edition of Bluefield’s yearbook please join us.  We would love to see some new members join our committee.


The LeRoy Saskatchewan Experiences Canada exchange is still looking for applicants.  The dates of travel will be March 2nd-9th, 2020 and we will be hosting from May 10th-17th, 2020.  Applications are available from Ms. Smith-MacPhail or in the office.  Application must be turned in by Wednesday, October 23rd.  


The Page Turners Book Club will meet today at lunch in Room 269. All are welcome!!


Bluefield Band Section leaders are asked to come to a brief meeting today at 11:45 am in the music room.


Art Club after school today.


Vocal auditions for the musical are after school today. People need to attend if they are wanting a part in the musical!!


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