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March 1 - UPEI Scholarship Deadline - Entrance Award Cycle



Holland College Scholarships and Bursaries -Biography Guidelines - Link  - Online Application - Process - Link Click on Menu on the right hand side of the Holland College page, click on Scholarships and Bursaries and go to the application process and sign in apply for awards using the personal email address you applied to Holland College:  Link -

  • When Holland College changed their award deadline from March 31st, we arbitrarily replaced it with April 19th on our system. I choose this date for no special reason, other than hoping the world would be back to normal by then.  As time went I realized this would not be the case and so made some changes to our online application form and application process so we could meet the April 19th deadline.To help applicants struggling to get their records, I eliminated the requirement of uploading a transcript and added the following text box:
    During the Covid-10 pandemic, we understand it may be difficult for you to access school records and upload them above. If you can't provide a transcript, use this space to highlight some things about your most recent schooling (ex. high mark in a certain course, courses related to your program of choice, perfect attendance, etc).As for applicants without access to a computer or internet, I have created a printable application form based on the online application form.  It is not perfect, as my technical resources at home are not the same as at work, but will certainly work well. Hard copies are available.

April 2020


May 19th - Bluefield High School 2020 Special Awards


This is definitely not the usual end to a school year but, still wanted to provide a list of scholarships that are available at some point from now until the end of August.

LINK TO Summer Scholarship List

If you can't access the list you can download and excel file using this link: (Ignore the sign in, you can download the file without signing in)

Please note that every week that we audit scholarships that are about to open for applications to ensure accuracy. There are often changes made at that time regarding the application period of the awards listed which can impact when the awards are available. Additionally, each award has unique requirements, students see their own personalised list they should create an account on ScholarTree.-  e: brit.garon@scholartree.c


  • July 6th - PEIUPSE - Young Worker Scholarship -Link  - Requirements & Online Application
  • July 6th -PEIUPSE -  Brian Fudge Memorial Scholarship - Link - Requirements & Online Application
  • July 6th - PEIUPSE - Scholarship for Indigenous Students - Link - Requirements & Online Application
  • July 6th - PEIUPSE - Scholarship for LGBTQ12S Students - Link - Requirements & Online Application
  • July 6th - PEIUPSE -Scholarship for Students of Color - Link - Requirements and Online Application
  • July 6th - PEIUPSE -Terry Fox Memorial Scholarship - Link - Requirements and Online Application
  • July 6th - PEIUPSE -Tommy Douglas Scholarship - Link - Requirements and Online Application



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