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As UPEI has moved to an essential services model and campus buildings are now locked due to CPHO restrictions, please be advised that Entrance Award Cycle applications can be submitted today electronically to

Note that reference letters and any necessary signatures from guidance counsellors that students may be waiting on can be submitted at a later date, preferably by March 5th, to complete your application package. These documents can also be submitted electronically to
If you cannot submit your application form electronically for the March 1st deadline today, please contact us at, and we will work with you to find alternative solutions.
Instructions for scanning documents on an iPhone:
Using your iPhone, open the notes feature on your phone.  In this app you are able to scan documents and make them into PDF file.   Open "Notes" and create a new note.  Press the camera button and select "scan documents."  Take photos/scans of all documents then save that complete note.  You can then select to email that note/document to
Instructions for Android users:
Open the Google Drive app.  In the botton right, tap Add.  Tap Scan.  Take a photo of the document you'd like to scan.  Adjust scan area: tap crop.  Take photo again: tap re-scan current page.  Scan another page: tap add.  To save the finished document, tap done.  You can then email that document to































































  • 3 English (one of which has to be at 600 level)
  • 2 Math
  • 2 Science
  • 2 Social Studies (one of which must have Canadian content)
  • Canadian Content Social Studies:  The following are approved for Canadian content
    • CAS401, GEO421A, HIS421F,  LAW521A/F, LAW531A, HIS 621A,  HIS621B or POL621A 
  • 1 PED401
  • 1 CEO401
  • 5 credits at the 600 or 800 level
  • 20 credits in total
  • 1 Creativity and Innovation Course
  • Creativity and Innovation Courses OR French
French 421F, 521F, 621F.    Creative Writing 521A     Independent Study 521A, 621A
Carpentry 701A, 801A, 801B, 801C, 801D, 801E    Culinary 801A, 801B    Music 421A, 521A, 621A, 801A
Computer Studies 521A, 621A    Dramatic Arts 701A, 801A, 621A    Robotics 801A
Photography 801    Visual Arts 401A, 501A, 601A, 621A    Creative Multimedia 801A
Global Issues 621A, 631A    Welding 701A, 801A, 801B, 801C, 801D, 801E    Automotive 701A, 801A, 801B, 801C, 801D, 801E



  • Achieve an aggregate of 480 in six (6) Grade 12 courses (600/800 level), one of which is English
  • Have no mark lower than 70% in six (6) Grade 12 courses included in the aggregate calculation 



To fulfill the requirements for the French Immersion Certificate, they must complete 3 French language courses .


  • Grade 10:  French Immersion 421F
  • Grade 11:  French Immersion 521F
  • Grade 12:  French Immersion 621F


and 3 other


  • HIS421G*
  • LAW521F*
  • SOC621F         


 *these courses count as their Canadian content requirements

**Not to be confused with core French 421A, 521A, 621A as these do not count towards a FI diploma



To qualify for pre-apprentice certification, students must complete one of the grade ten courses with a mark not below 70%:

  • AUT701
  • CAR701
  • WEL701

And five of one of the grade 11/12 trades courses:

  • AUT801 A, B, C, D, and E
  • CAR801 A, B, C, D, and E
  • WEL801 A, B, C, D, and E
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