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Friday, November 22, 2019


Friday, November 22, 2019

Day 2


Specials in the cafeteria Pacific Rim, Fish & Chips or Spiral Calzone – $5.75


Attention Graduates. All appointment times for graduation pictures are now booked. It is extremely important to remember your appointment time and attend your appointment time. Any students who miss their appointment time will have to travel to Summerside to have their picture taken at Heckbert’s studio in Summerside, so please do not miss your appointment. Also, please take your $20 with you if you have booked a package appointment.


Step-up is selling 50-50 tickets to support our Christmas Families.  We are looking to support this on its final day of sales next Monday am during homeroom.  There will be a representative from Step-up coming to your home room class on Monday am to sell tickets.  We would ask (if possible based on your curriculum objectives for that class) that you allow them to have a few minutes to do so.  Second to this, if anyone needs another box for their classroom please let Sheila know asap.


Sport passes are still available today for this afternoon’s basketball game. They will go on sale again this morning before school and at lunch, $3.00.  Students are reminded that they need to be signed by their subject teacher from last class today to be admitted to the game.


Cribbage Club today in Room 263!


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